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Volunteers Welcome in 2021!

We are always appreciative of volunteers in helping with

a variety of fun and exciting tasks!

Saturday and Sundays preferred

but any weekdays that you may be available to help as well!

  • We have snacks and drink station in the dining hall set up for our volunteers and friends!

  • Refrigerator, convection oven, toaster, microwave, coffee pot, keurig and more for basic food prep

  • Weekend bon-fire at the Dining Hall by late afternoon / early evening many volunteer days.

  • Bring edible items to share if you like.

  • See projects list below.

  • (Directions --- use google maps to 229 Cool Creek Rd. Capon Bridge, WV -- Buffalo Gap)

Large Groups &
Overnight Volunteers Welcome Pre-Opening!
  • If you would like to stay overnight during your volunteer stint with us prior to our April 16th opening weekend, let us know and we can find a cabin for you and helping friends!

Be sure to bring a set of twin sheets / blankets / pillows, towels, and/or sleeping bags.

  • Concierge / Coffee station will be operational 24/7 at the Dining Hall, some foods, snacks and drinks provided. Feel free to bring some snacks and/or drinks to share with our volunteers if you like.  Mini-Fridge and microwave , toaster oven and more in Dining Hall.

  • Families, kids, pets most welcome. ​​


Projects / Volunteer Assistance
Pick your interest and let us know in advance!
Partner led projects!

please contact

Vince at 703-328-1840 or Michael Hart at 240-506-2263

for advanced notice of participation

1.) New Cleaning Supplies Closet Clean Out and Switch
We need to empty out a storage closet in the dining hall and migrate all of our cleaning supplies currently stored in the office cottage to this new storage closet
2.) Carpentry --  install kitchen cabinets in multiple cabins: 
  • lots of cabinets to install!   
3.) Redecorating cottages:  With partner Sharyn in charge, we have furniture to move, furniture to assemble, beds to relocate, many pictures to swap out, vases and flowers, knick knacks and wall decor to re-decorate and beautify each cottage.
4.) Moving stored furniture from the dining hall to uphill duplex cabins
lots of stored donated furniture in the dining hall that needs relocated to our "under construction" and "in development" new artist in residence and staff/volunteer duplex cabins on the hill.
5.) Hang String lights at the Mini-Pavilion at Dining Hall: Stringing up a couple of big strands of LED lights in the mini-pavilion for evening lighting.
6.) Interpretive Trail / Hiking Trail Clean-Up: 
  • our hiking trails needs some debris removal, branch clean up, etc.  
  • while we have created an interpretive trail, some trail clean up is overdue.
7.) Weed Trimming at the "Sandy Ridge Sandbowl" or Starry Starry Night Recreation Area:  
  • Overgrown grass and weeds at the "bowl" or now Starry Starry Night recreation area.
8.) Start interior clean up of new building purchases:  on lot's 1 and 2 uphill above the pavilion.  Power washing interiors, sweeping, junk removal (under cabins), and removing 3rd rate construction projects to bring it back to original 1950's core structure.
9.) Move the 10 piece stage to the gymnasium:  Ten 4x8 foot stage sections need to  go the gymnasium and we will swap the 6 wooden stage sections from the pavilion to the dining hall for a lower profile look for our musicians playing on the dining hall stage until we can custom build a new low profile stage at the dining hall. 
10.) Build a new smaller, leaner stage at the dining hall:  after removing the 10 piece stage at the dining hall to the gym, construct a new stage with supplied materials and tools.   
  • 2x4's and plywood on hand.
11.) Clean Out of Garbage in the old Moreland house at entrance to Buffalo Gap:
with assistance from partners -- we need to begin bagging up garbage ahead of home demolition of the old Moreland house behind our mailboxes at the campground entrance.
12.) Mulch work / Garden beds / planting flowers and shrubs: 
  • We have many flower beds to still create, mulch to move and plants to plants to beautify our campus and our cabin areas!
  • Also, we are going to create a Memorial Garden for Camp founder Herman Rubenstein who passed in 2021 in the vicinity below the spa or above the spa (Starry Starry Night Recreation area).
13.) Gravel work:  We may get 20 tons of gravel delivered... and then moving gravel from large piles to needed pot-holes... and other partner designated spots that are mud pits!  Can use Wheelbarrows, trailer, truck or UTV with dump bed.
  • gravel walkway from Sycamore/ Laurel down to gymnasium bridge
  • back porch at base of stairs at Slane's Knob / Sandy Ridge cottage
  • pot-holes throughout camp
  • at the base of most entrance areas to cottages as needed (uphill cabins in particular)
  • At the base of any of the deck/stairs leading to cabin entrances (uphill and downhill cabins as needed).
14.) 2 part bar-top epoxy the concession bar counter top:   
  • during warmer mid-week weather -- must dry for 3 days and nights above 55 degrees!
  • also the bar / countertop at all of the lakeview windows need some epoxy as well
15.) Beach House floor overhaul! 
  • We have 1000 square feet of hardwood flooring, which we would like to install over top of the existing beach house floor.    
  • and if not this flooring, some other flooring
16.) Polyurethane, marine varnish, or water repel treat the entire 3800 square foot pavilion floor:   big job that requires warmer, dryer weather.... must be done on a Sunday or weekday and allowed to dry for 3 to 4 days.
17.) Barnwood wall work at back of dining hall:  with assistance from partners -- to put up as wall paneling in the dining hall in between the struts on all walls... starting with back wall behind stage.
18.) Painting mini-pavilion at dining hall, restroom building, and grill pit building as well as walk in fridge/freezer building and well pump house in pavilion field: 
  • we need to make this highly used public space more attractive -- and it starts with paint -- and landscaping!
19.) Finish bridge construction (handrails) and steps at campground across creek:  at the private "island" family campsite.
20.) Sweep and clean gymnasium push broom clean up of gym floors and pick up trash and then run floor buffer.  Need to extricate all pigeons and seal their entry points.
21.) Gather stones to build 4 new firepits at Lakeview Camping area
  • using a truck and trailer, take volunteers stone hunting and bring back truckloads and trailer loads of stones to build 4 new fire pits
22.) Chainsaw work -- cutting up fallen or dangerous trees!  somewhat skilled and supervised chainsaw work needed around camp as necessary.
  • Tree behind Tall Oak
  • Tree in Creekside Campground area
23.) Camp beautification at our main entrance (red gates):   we need to really do some landscape and plant beautification at our main entrance with 3 or 4 season plants in our landscaped gardens.
24.) Wood putty carpenter bee holes at Beach House and Sauna:  we need to fill in many holes from carpenter bees from over the years to prepare the beach house for painting.
25.)  Paint buildings  (2 coats)
  • Paint new duplex and quadplex buildings closest to gym
  • Paint caretaker / office cottage
  • Paint watercress cottage
  • Finish painting Sandy Ridge and Slane's Knob
  • Paint Potomac / N. River / Cacapon Quadplex bldg.
  • beach house porch area
26.) Check all smoke detectors and Fire Extinguishers Campwide
  • Need to check working status / batteries of all smoke detectors
  • Need to check certification of all fire extinguishers in each cabin and bldg.
27.) Sort and organize lumber campwide
  • stored lumber needs centralized under one or two cabins
28.) Build a Frisbee Golf Course?
  • Could be fun!   Need your thoughts.
29.) Carpentry - build covered kiosks in lakeview and creekside campgrounds
  • concrete footers, 4x4 posts, 2x4s, plywood and roofing shingles or metal
30.) Carpentry -- Removing cubby hole shelving:  remove cubby shelving in Sycamore and Laurel, frame out, insulate (for noise), panel and build loft beds on both sides - front and back.
31.) Carpentry - build shelters for firewood storage:  We will need 4x4 posts, 2x4's, tools, post hole digger, concrete, water, wheelbarrow, and corrugated fiberglass for roofing.
32.) Empty /Dig-out Fire pits -- wheelbarrow and shovel -- all firepits need dug out and emptied ahead of opening.
33.) Clear and Establish New Trails
  • mostly above the uphill cabins
More to come!
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