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Nearby Attractions
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Kettle Stop Ice Cream

The Kettle Stop. Where you can enjoy soft serve ice cream, freshly popped kettle corn, baked goods and more. Offering a wide variety of tasty, cold treats as well as Stir Crazy kettle corn, the Kettle Stop is the perfect place to go for a sweet snack.

Just east of Capon Bridge WV along Route 50. 15 minutes.


Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad

From the gorgeous views of the Trough to the immersive river scenery found along the historic South Branch, Potomac Eagle offers a scenic train ride tour that is unlike any other. No matter what route you take, most importantly you’ll be guaranteed a visually stunning ride that will want you coming back for more. Plan your excursion today!

Romney, WV. 30 minutes.


City of Winchester, VA

With a historic walking mall area filled with cafes with outdoor seating, coffee shops, galleries, and "main street" clothing stores, downtown Winchester is the Shenandoah Valley's most beautiful cosmopolitan area.

Winchester, VA. 35 minutes.

Anthony's Jr.png

Anthony's Jr Italian Food

If comfort food is what you are craving, you are in luck! Visit Anthony's Jr. for a great deep dish Sicilian pizza, gyro, pasta dish, wings, or one of the daily specials.

Capon Bridge, WV. 10 minutes.

el puente.png

El Puente Mexican Restaurant

Craving tacos or an ice cold margarita? Look no further than El Puente! Spanish for “The Bridge,” this local favorite is a great spot to score some tasty Mexican cuisine, sip on a classic cocktail, or snack on chips and housemade salsa.

Capon Bridge, WV. 10 minutes.


Cavella Trough Outfitters

The South Branch of the Potomac River is a beautiful spot to create a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for friends & family. Half-day, full-day, and multiple day itineraries are available.

CTO Kayak & Canoe Rentals provide everything you'll need for an awesome paddle or float that's perfect for all ages & experience levels. The river offers great birding, fishing, and many shallow class I-II rapids between sections of slow moving water. Expect higher waters in the Spring.


Visit and call or email to arrange details for your group!

Romney, WV. 1 hour.


More Things to Do Nearby -- Buffalo Gap Retreat, Capon Bridge, WV.


1.) Bike River Road -- 10 minutes from camp, bike 13 miles along the Cacapon river on a road lesser traveled by cars -- take cold stream rd. down to where it intersects Rt. 50, and just before the green truss bridge, River Road is to the right… you can park at the old 1854 post office and general store building or across the street at the old 3000 ft^2 general purpose bldg. along the river.

2.) Wild Berry Hiking Trails at Buffalo Gap - a variety of maintained trails beginning at the labeled trail up above the pavilion at the end of the cul-de-sac... see your 3 ring binder in your cottage for things to do on-site and nearby for property map.

3.) Ice Mountain hike - when open - still closed due to corona concerns - nearby in town of North River Mills about 4.5 from Buffalo Gap off Cold Stream Rd. -- must have a docent / guide.  Ice vents along a north facing slope of a mountain side along the Cacapon River - short but spectacular hike.

4.)  Historic Harpers Ferry WV - lowest point in the state where Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers join.  About an hour from Buffalo Gap.  All all day tourist trip

5.) Paw Paw Tunnel along the C&O Canal / Potomac -- A 3/4 mile long tunnel -- 10,000,000 bricks hand laid by Irish and German immigrants from 1836 to 1850.  Exit camp and turn left onto Coldstream rd. to slanesville (7 miles), turn right up Rt. 29 - follow Rt. 29 (one more left) to the town of Paw Paw WV and go about 1/2 a mile past -- large parking area at this Federal park.

6.) Old Town Aqueduct along the Potomac -- Now drive about 5 miles further past Paw Paw tunnel and keep an eye out of Aqueduct sign on right -- gravel road to left -- great jumping cliffs and swim hole on RHS of parking area… Potomac river trails and old canal / locks off trails to left at end of parking area.

7.) North River Mills Ghost Town - late 1780's and 1790's -- about 10 structures maintained by owners, nobody lives there.   About 4.5 miles from buffalo gap entrance - take coldstream rd. to left - go 4.5 miles… past the town name sign… keep an eye out on the left for a placard in front of an old house - - park there and explore this small village from the late 18th century along this former wagon trail road (old Rt. 50) that led from the Great Valley (Shenandoah Valley) to Fort Cumberland, now Cumberland MD.

8.) Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA and the formal gardens of Glen Bernie together on the old Glen Bernie estate.  About 40 minutes off Rt. 50.   An extraordinary collection of Shenandoah artifacts, household items, artwork, clothing, civil war relics, and more all laid out by brilliant curators Smithsonian Institution style

The River House Cafe

At the Green Truss Bridge - coffee/tea, deli, pastries, breakfast, lunch/dinner, bakery, amazing ice cream, local beers and wine by the glass, art co-op, live music Friday/Saturday nights, wi-fi / internet.     A real treasure in the town of Capon Bridge!


Including some organic, non-GMO, vegetarian and vegan options as well as meat dishes with supplied meats from nearby Farmer's Daughter Butcher and Grocer shop in Capon Bridge.

Capon Bridge, WV.  10 minutes.

Cacapon State Park (Swiming and Hiking)

An amazing 1930's era state park constructed during the Great Depression era work programs under FDR with spectacular stone buildings, stone walls and manicured picnic pavilion areas and hiking trails.  A $3 to $5/day white sand beach / lake area with cheap kayak and paddle boat rentals -- stunning state park in every way.

Great hiking trails and views throughout this park - park map available at kiosks.

Off Rt. 522 towards Berkeley Springs, WV.  


25 minutes.

Town of Wardensville, WV

A really up and coming "weekend" town with many interesting shops and restaurants in a tourist friendly main street setting.  Particularly awesome is the Lost River Trading Post - antiques, WV made quality items, pastries, coffee, and a first class setting as well as the Wardensville Farmer's Market.   


Wardensville, WV.  35 minutes.

Bent River Woodworks

Appalachian hand made furniture and chain saw carvings.

Really amazing craftsmanship from some local folks that have been in the business for a generation or two.

Capon Bridge, WV.   10 minutes.

Town of Berkeley Springs, WV

45 minutes:  Famous for being the first "Spa" and commercial "hot" springs in America!  A tourist friendly main street town with many gallery shops, restaurants, cafes, and antique malls.

Berkeley Springs, WV.  40 minutes.

Ice Mountain Hike / Raven Rocks Hike

Ice Mountain is a natural formation of ice at dozens of small ice caves venting freezer temperature air -- coming out of an underground cave system year round that is believed to contain a glacier left over from an ice age more than 12,000 to 20,000 years ago.

Containing a very fragile eco-system on Nature Conservancy private property, this hike requires a trained docent (guide).  To line up a docent, know your day and time and ask Steve Bailes in advance -- he will help you:  typical hike times are starting at 10am on Saturday -- arrange ahead if you can:


email Steve at: -- you can cc me if you like --


it is less than 10 minutes from camp and really spectacular - check out my photos from Ice Mountain hike:  click on link:

Also, Raven Rocks is an alternate hike on the same trail system and offers some of the best views in Hampshire Co.

North River Mills, WV.   7 minutes, turn left out of camp onto Coldstream Rd. towards North River Mills town.  Park by church or the old Inn.

Farmer's Daughter

Local market and whole animal butcher.  Grass fed, hormone and anti-biotic free local meats, organic local produce, local wines and beers, gourmet foods, drinks and snacks.  

Also, daily sandwiches, hamburgers, pulled pork barbeque -- lunch time and early afternoon....

Internet / wi-fi available

Capon Bridge, WV.  10 minutes.

The Kettle Stop Ice Cream Shop (and more)

One of a kind -- very family friendly environment and seating for many -- picnic tables under trees, swings… largest variety of ice cream, shakes and more that you have ever seen….. Homemade kettle corn, Carnival foods Fridays including hot dogs and funnel cakes, fresh squeezed lemonade and deep fried oreo cookies.... and brick oven pizza on Saturdays…. At the yellow food truck at the kettle stop.   go to Rt. 50 through the town of capon bridge -- Rt. 50 east towards Winchester… go about 2 miles past town of capon bridge - kettle stop on the LHS.


Just East of Capon Bridge, WV off Rt. 50.  10 minutes.

Potomac Eagle Scenic Train

A 3 hour train ride along the Potomac valley starting in Romney WV.​

Romney, WV.  30 minutes.

City of Winchester, VA

With a historic walking mall area filled with cafes with outdoor seating and coffee shops, galleries and "main street " clothing stores, downtown Winchester is the Shenandoah Valley's most beautiful cosmopolitan area. 

Winchester, VA.  35 minutes.

Chaos Off Road Park

An off-road adventure park for 4×4’s / Jeeps -- located on H. Rubenstein Rd. just 1/2 a mile past Buffalo Gap off the same gravel road - must be part of a registered group event to participate.    Chaos Off Road has a webpage and facebook page and community.

Capon Bridge, WV.   2 minutes.

Anthony Jr.'s Pizza and Italian Food

Great deep dish Sicilian pizza, gyros, pasta dishes and daily specials.

Capon Bridge, WV.  10 minutes.

El Puente Mexican Restaurant

Great Mexican food, great service.   A local favorite!

Capon Bridge, WV.  10 minutes.

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