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Friday and Saturday


This band leader ‘cut his teeth’ playing country music on the box guitar at the tender age of 13. Two years later, he fulfilled his burning desire to learn the accordion. By the age of 18, Horace Trahan debut his first album entitled, “Ossun Blues,” gaining recognition as one of the greatest Cajun albums to date.

Having travelled the world with the legendary D.L. Menard over the course of three years, this versatile accordion player with emotion-filled vocals, created his own band, known as Horace Trahan and the Ossun Express. By the year 2000, they had produced the hit single, “That Butt Thing,” taking the accordion music world by storm!


Thursday and Friday

Lake Charles native, Rusty Metoyer, is one of southwest Louisiana’s premier stars. Metoyer and his unique brand of Zydeco music have thrilled audiences from California to New York, in Holland and France, and every weekend from Houston to New Orleans. Rusty Metoyer was immersed in Creole music from a young age. Both of his grandfathers were Creole musicians. However, he didn’t pick up the accordion until the age of 14 after both grandfathers had passed away and he felt that someone needed to keep the tradition going in the family. In 2010, his senior year of high school, he formed the band Rusty Metoyer and The Zydeco Krush.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


One dance hall at a time...That is the life work of Jesse Lége: to bring traditional, foot-stompin’ Cajun dance hall music from the dusty back roads of southwest Louisiana, coast to coast and around the world. Jesse Lege defines traditional Louisiana dance hall music. His unmistakeable hard driving style of accordion play and his powerful voice will get even the most staid listener up on the dance floor. Whether he is performing with Bayou Brew or his many friends, Jesse can crank up any old tune to something new and very different than you have ever heard before. 

Mo’ Mojo is a hard driving, high energy, “Party-Gras” Band. 

The female fronted group features three/four-part harmonies, accordion, twin guitars, rubboard, sax, trumpet, harp, bass, percussion, and drums. (And on occasion - fiddle!) Songs are sung in English and French. Mo' Mojo takes Zydeco music and infuses it with Americana, Cajun, reggae, rock & roll, funk, R&B, and African and Latin rhythms. 


It’s always a Cajun party with The Canebrake Cajun Band in the house.

All the band members are veterans of Traditional Cajun music and are back together again to fire up the dance floor and keep you moving.

Band members include:

Trent Van Blaricom: Accordion/Fiddle/Vocals (played with Tracy Schwarz Cajun, Zydeco Crayz, Savoir Faire, Gator Gumbo)

Matt Haney: Fiddle/Steel (played with Bonetones, Tracy Schwarz Cajun, Gator Gumbo, Fond D’Cullotte)

Doug Bell: Guitar/Vocals (played with Zydeco Crayz, Savoir Fair Cajun band)

Kevin Enoch: Bass (played with Tracy Schwarz Cajun, Squeeze Bayou, Savoir Faire Cajun Band, Stand Bayou)

Ben Holmes: Drums/vocals (played with Queen Ida, Al Rapone, Zydeco Crayz, Savoir Faire Cajun Band, Danny Poulard, California Cajun Orchestra, Motor Dude Zydeco) 

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