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House Rules & Information

Buffalo Gap Retreat is a friendly getaway intended for 

peace and tranquility in the mountains. We welcome you, and 

are here to help ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.


House Rules and Information:


  • Due to Covid 19 standards for safety and health we ask that you respect social distancing, and maintain recommended safe practices.

  • Linens, blankets and towels are not included. Just a reminder to bring sheets, blankets, pillows, towels and perhaps extra blankets for cool mountain nights.

  • Check In Time: 2:00PM

  • Check Out Time: 11:00AM

  • Lodging more than the registered number of guests is not permitted.

  • Guests are financially liable for any/all damage they, or their guests, cause to the property.


  • Quiet Hours 10:00PM to 8:00AM - please be respectful of other guests. 

  • After hours disturbances and/or partying is strictly forbidden and complaints are taken very seriously and may result in your removal from the property without refund.​

  • No smoking of any kind, or burning of combustible materials such as incense, is allowed in or around any camp structures.

  • No stereos or amplified music.

  • Please limit unnecessary driving on the property, especially after dark.

  • No public drinking or intoxication is allowed - please keep drinking in moderation.

  • Underage drinking is subject to removal from the property.


  • WiFi is available at the Buffalo Gap Lodge (blue building overlooking the lake). 

       Code is posted on the front door, and in the business/library area.

  • Public brick-and-mortar restrooms are available by the Buffalo Gap Lodge which is the large blue building overlooking the lake.

  • Firewood, and self-serve hot drinks may be purchased at the Office Cottage on the honor system.

  • Charcoal, ice, and other small items may be purchased at the Office Cottage, when staff is available.


  • Sauna may be booked, for a small fee, at the Office Cottage.


  • No smoking or alcohol is allowed at the lake, beach house, sauna, or surrounding area.

  • NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY! All recreational activities are done at your own risk.

  • Children must be supervised at the lake AT ALL TIMES!

  • Please make sure your party returns all equipment (boats, life preservers, balls, games, etc.) to where you found them.

  • Fishing is catch and release only.


  • Pets must be registered at the Office Cottage. 20$ per cabin for up to two well-behaved animals. (Please pay at the Office Cottage Drop Box if no one is at the office.)

  • Guests are responsible for any and all damage or injury caused by any pet bought to the property.

  • Pets must always be on-leash and under owner's control.

  • Guests agree to clean up after all pet messes and report any damage or injury to management.

  • Only service animals are allowed in shared indoor areas such as the dining hall, beach house, etc.

  • Pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations.

  • Please do not leave pets in cabins unattended.

  • Please help keep Buffalo Gap Retreat clean of garbage by delivering accumulated waste to the red dumpsters at the road by the Pavilion.


  • No recreational vehicles (ATV’s, UTV’s, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, wheeled boards, etc.) allowed on site.

  • Fireworks are not allowed without permission granted by management. Fireworks are only permitted at certain dates and times, and within pre-approved, controlled areas.

  • No generators are allowed under any circumstances.

  • Please respect all property boundaries and signs, especially for properties adjacent to Buffalo Gap Retreat. Specifically do not enter the property on the upper hillside along Cold Stream Road, above the Gym and Fern Valley and the property at the end of Cold Stream Road, past the creek crossing. Do not enter Cold Stream Road past the cul-de-sac adjacent to Fern Valley. If you have any doubts about property lines, please do not enter the space and consult the staff at the Office Cottage with any questions.

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