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Mission Statement

Our Community Values:

  • Family Friendly

  • Local Economy Minded

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Environmental Steward

  • Community Oriented

  • Sustainable Practices

  • Health Conscious

  • Maintaining Buffalo Gaps History & Heritage


Partners are committed to keeping as much of the land that makes up Buffalo Gap unspoiled and beautifully maintained:

  • We respect the spirit and history that was for so long a Jewish kids camp and wish to preserve or complement as much of the original structures and landscapes dating back to the 1950's.

  • The partners of this cooperative will work in harmony with each other and with nature as our shared and independent dreams and visions unfold here.

  • We will strive to create local and satellite community that both represents our values and our vision for this property reaching back into past cultures that grew up and loved Buffalo Gap and reaching forward into new cultures that too will love our community and offerings.

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