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Covid Policy

We recognize that dealing with the Covid situation is a high priority for everyone right now. There are many opinions on how things should be handled and as the pandemic ebbs and flows the advice from the experts will change to fit each local situation. We are working closely with the local Health Department to ensure that Buffalo by the Bayou will be a fun and entertaining experience that is safe for everyone. As such, all attendees will be required to abide by our COVID-19 Protocol, which will evolve as we get closer to the event and may include any or all of the following measures: liability waivers, face coverings, social distancing, non-invasive temperature checks, testing, or proof of vaccination. Buffalo by the Bayou reserves the right to modify and add requirements at its sole discretion. We will update this page with those protocols as we get closer to the event. Cooperation with published health and safety protocols on-site will be required to enter and participate in the festival.

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