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Volunteers Needed!
Trail of Horrors at Buffalo Gap 
8 Haunted Scenes Along a Guided Trek!

We are in need of some trail workers to help with a variety of fun and exciting roles to play!

Trail of Horrors Event takes place

Sat. Oct. 24 / Fri. Oct. 30 / Sat. Oct. 31 

6:30pm - 9:30pm

(fun and food starts at 4pm in the Lakeview Dining Hall)

** $10 food voucher for all volunteers

** Friday 10/23 dry run starting at 5:00pm

  • We will need about 20+ friends of Buffalo Gap to work as ghouls along our Trail of Horrors.  We can / will supply costumes and masks and accessories and scenes / gimmicks, but if you have your own, or own ideas, we are most open to collaboration!  (Get your name on our lists!)

1.) Witches / Werewolf Fire Circle

a. ????  - main werewolf in cage - gets loose

b. Dori -- witch (Fri / Sat.) 



2.) Clown Town

a. Jonathan Morgan (Fri only)

b. Michael Donnellan (Fri only)

c. Trenton - (Fri/Sat)

d. Brianna - in bathroom between clown town and butcher shop

e. Keegan (Fri/Sat)

3.) Butcher Shop

a. Jonathan's Dad - butcher (Fri/Sat)

b. Christopher Donnellan (Fri/Sat)

c.  Manny P. (Fri/Sat)

4.) Insane Asylum

a.  Jonathan Donnellan (Fri/Sat)

b. April Donnellan (Fri/Sat)

c. Alexis Donnellan (Fri/Sat)

d. Daniel P (Fri/Sat)

e. Jamie Donnellan  (Fri/Sat)


5.) Hell

a. Warren Imes (Fri only)

b. Barbara Imes (Fri. only)

c. Vincent Imes (Fri. only)

d. Jack Dove (Fri/Sat.)

e. Jordan Dove (Fri/Sat)


6.) Baby Doll Nightmare

a. Juliana /Melissa (Fri/Sat)

b. Liliana / Melissa (Fri/Sat)

c. Hanna Dove (Fri/Sat)


7.) Chernobyl Nuclear Apocalypse

a. David Sands? (Fri/Sat)

b. Jake Donnellan?

c. Stephanie Wolford (Fri/Sat)

8.) Cemetery of the Damned

a. Sarah donnellan (Fri/Sat)

b. Richard (Jaime's son) (Fri/Sat)

c. Richards girlfriend? Sarah (Fri/Sat)

d. Em (Fri/Sat)


Free Lance - wandering around

a.  Cameron Chapman - Travis's son (Fri/Sat)

b.  Eric Donnellan - guerilla (Fri/Sat)

c.  Jakob Donnellan (Fri only)

d. Angel / Melissa -- bloody wedding gown (Fri/Sat) 

e. Travis with chainsaw (Fri/Sat)

f. Aaron Browning ? (Fri/Sat)

Make up artist

1.) Michelle Dove (Fri/Sat)

2.) Jamie Martin (Fri/Sat)


Tour Group Director:
Self guided trail -- utilizing signage, lighting, and white tape inside of cabins, Vince will act as the director of tour groups and take tickets and give the spiel about what to do...

1.)  Vince Lombardi (Fri/Sat)


Dining Hall Functions:

We will need a greeter and money collector at the dining hall (or two) -- selling numbered tickets and folks to assist in the Dining hall with foods sales also:

1.) Sean Heffron (Fri/Sat)

2.) Jaime Martin - ticket sales and money collection (Fri/Sat)

3.) Emily P. (Fri/Sat)

4.) Barbara Jazzo (Fri/Sat)


Parking Assistance?

1.) Craig McBurney (Fri/Sat)


Prep Team Volunteer Help

Any weekend or weekdays that you may be available to help!

contact Vince at 703-328-1840 or

  • Food and drinks will be available at the lakeview dining hall and all volunteers will receive a $10 voucher for all nights that they work.​

  • during prep work days (set up) we will have drinks and snacks on hand for all volunteers.

  • Families, kids, pets most welcome.  ​​

  • Even if you can't make a whole volunteer work day, come and hang out with us at the bon-fire at the dining hall Saturday evening or Sunday late afternoon. 

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Prep Projects / Volunteer Assistance
Partner led projects!

please let us know days and times when you can volunteer -- thanks.

Vince at 703-328-1840

for advanced notice of participation and number in your party.

1.) Creating scenes along the trail of horrors:  After buying out the Stateline General Store Haunted Trail of all of their props, animatronics (more than 100), costumes and masks, and with 8 amazing scenes of horror, including 6 haunted houses, and creepy scenes under each, we will have an amazing event this year in 2020.
More to come!
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