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Season Pass with Camping

Buffalo Gap is offering Season Passes with full access to our property ​and included Camping

Season Pass for Buffalo Gap Property Access and Camping

April 17, 2020

Support Us through a Season Pass

Buffalo Gap is offering annual Season Passes for day use and overnight camping for a family or group of up to 4.

Friends or family, the only big constraint is that the season pass holder must always be present with his or her group for use -- it is non-transferrable and "friends" can't use it without you being physically present during the visit -- day use or overnight camping.

This season pass entitles the purchaser and included guests to have unlimited day use of our facilities 7 days a week from Spring camp opening to end of October camp closure -- about 6 1/2 months of use.

All facilities, games, lake, beach, kayaks, canoes, sauna, swimming, hiking, volleyball, dining hall gathering place are all included.

Overnight camping is also included for up to 4 people... (if your family is bigger, talk to us).   Firewood is for sale at the caretaker / office cottage and otherwise, any campsites on site except for the large private family campsites are available.  No more than one week at a time... off for at least a couple of days before returning, and no permanent or reserved sites.   At end of camping stay, nothing can be left behind.   Holiday weekends are included for your season's pass.

We have lakeview campsites behind the dining hall, and creekside camping between the gym and beach house with private road access and parking.  About 33 sites in all to from which to choose and more being developed.

We are selling 10 of these passes for $500 each.  Good for the 6 1/2 month open season.  Pro-rated if bought after July 1, 2020.  The pass is not valid during private whole camp rental weekends or weeks -- of which there may be a half dozen or even a bit more each year.   But your Season Pass is valid for all of the big holiday weekends of memorial day, july 4th, labor day or veterans day.

Free Option - Labor Exchange:
If you wish to partake in labor exchange instead, and get your pass for "free", we are offering 5 or 6 labor exchange Season Passes to those who will assist with lawn mowing and weed trimming duties around the camp.   We need 5 hours every two weeks and 10 hours per month from each labor exchange season pass holder.   

We will assign you specific regions of camp to mow with our equipment -- zero turn, push mower, weed trimmers, and our gas and oil.... about 5 hours of work every two weeks on your schedule with your designated "assigned" areas chosen in advance.

If you bring your own mowing equipment and gas, we can upgrade you to a cabin a few weekends a year -- holiday weekends excluded.

Mowing season starts in mid to late April, so the sooner the commitment the better... please contact a partner below if interested in a Season Pass or Free Labor Exchange Season Pass.   Thanks in adavnce.

Vince:  703-328-1840 /

Michael: 240-506-2263 /

Barbara:  202-422-7540 / 

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