Volunteers Needed!
Trail of Terror at Buffalo Gap 
a 25 minute trek through a haunted forest

We are in need of some trail workers to help with a variety of fun and exciting roles to play!

Trail of Terror Event takes place

Saturday's --  Oct. 19 / Oct. 26 / Nov. 2 

7:00pm - 11:00pm

(fun and food starts at 5pm in the Lakeview Dining Hall)

** Free Dormitory lodging for all trail workers if needed

(limited space!)

** $10 food voucher for Lost Mountain BBQ Company -- our food vendor

** Friday 10/18 dry run starting at 7:30pm

  • We will need 15 to 20 friends to work as ghouls along our Trail of Terror.  We can / will supply costumes and masks and accessories and scenes / gimmicks, but if you have your own, or own ideas, we are most open to collaboration!  (Get your name on our lists!)

    • 1.) Michael Donnellan

    • 2.) Corey New and son

    • 3.) Jonathan Donnellan

    • 4.) William Heflin

    • 5.) Melissa Jircitano and 3 daughters

    • 6.) John Kibler

    • 7.) Julie Chipman Riggleman and son

    • 8.)  James Barley McKeegan and Danielle

    • 9.) Austin Bruchey

    • 10.) Barbara Imes / Warren

    • 11.) Jonathan Morgan and girlfriend

    • 12.) Coltin Singleton, John Miller, Garrett Adams, Connor Hot (Austin B's friends)

    • 13.) Christian Capoluto

    • 14.) Brett and Caitlyn Ripoli

    • 15.) Kyler Bunner

    • 16.)

    • 17.)

    • 18.) 

    • 19.)

    • 20.)

  • Make up artist

    • 1.) Kyla Rubenstein

  • We will need 6 tour guides -- one to lead in front, one to lead in back of each of 3 continuous  tours spaced about 10 minutes apart.  You will be instructed on the story of 12 missing summer camp children who ventured out on a hike one day decades ago only to disappear forever... and all that was ever found was their shoes...which still show up on the porches of cabins during full moons and along this very trail in the witches month of October...

    • 1.)  Vince Lombardi

    • 2.) Chris Donnellan

    • 3.) Austin Bruchey

    • 4.) John Kibler

    • 5.)

    • 6.)

We will need a driver of a pick up truck and trailer to take folks from the check in at the dining hall to the trail head at the end of cul-de-sac by the uphill spa​

  • 1.) Troy Rodgers and Drake Cramer

We will need a greeter and money collector at the dining hall (or two) -- selling numbered tickets and folks to assist in the Dining hall with Art for All and other guest help:

  • 1.) Jamie Donnellan

  • 2.) Lorrie Jircitano

  • 3.) Meagan Topping

  • 4.) Michael Hart

  • 5.) Dori Donnellan

  • 6.) Ava McRobie

  • 7.) Barbara Jazzo

We will need somebody to assist with parking in case it gets busy!

  • 1.) Michael Hart

  • We will have catering / food business and all volunteers working the tour will be given a meal credit ticket for food and drinks

  • (Directions --- use google maps to 229 Cool Creek Rd. Capon Bridge, WV -- Buffalo Gap)

Prep Team Volunteer Help

Any weekend or weekdays that you may be available to help!

contact Vince at 703-328-1840 or www.facebook.com/vince.lombardi1

  • If you would like to stay overnight during your volunteer stint with us, let us know and we can find bedding for you and helping friends!  -- be sure to bring a set of twin sheets / blankets / pillows, towels, and/or sleeping bags.

  • Concierge / Coffee station will be operational 24/7 at the Dining Hall, some foods, snacks and drinks provided. Feel free to bring some snacks and/or drinks to share with our volunteers if you like.  Refrigerator behind concession bar.

  • Families, kids, pets most welcome.  Bring your own "spirits" for the evening bon-fire.

  • We can order up some pizza from Anthony Jr.'s for the saturday night bon-fire by the mini-pavilion outside the dining hall and/or we can cook burgers and dogs on the grills... we have charcoal and lighter fluid!

  • Even if you can't make a whole volunteer work day, come and hang out with us at the bon-fire at the dining hall Saturday evening or Sunday late afternoon. 

Prep Projects / Volunteer Assistance
Partner led projects!

please let us know days and times when you can volunteer -- thanks.

Vince at 703-328-1840

for advanced notice of participation and number in your party.

1.) Start creating scenes along the trail of terror:  Start mapping out scenes and where and what along the whole trail of terror considering about 15 ghoulish live figures along the way -- what scene, what gimmick, what to expect every 100 feet or so...
More to come!

Our Address

229 Cool Creek Rd. 

Capon Bridge, WV  26711

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202-422-7540 / 703-328-1840

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