Trail of Terror at Buffalo Gap 
an eerily guided 25 minute trek through a haunted forest

Trail of Terror Event

Saturday Oct. 19, 2019

Saturday Oct. 26, 2019 

Saturday Nov. 2, 2019 - Cancelled due to cold weather!!

7:00pm - 11:00pm each night

With catering and food services at the Dining Hall provided by 

  • Lost Mountain BBQ Company from 5pm to 11pm each Saturday

  • DJ at the Dining Hall

  • Pumpkin Carving Stations ($3 pumpkins for sale)

  • Art for All Ages -- free at various tables

  • S'mores and more

3 Nights of Terror Pricing

  • $10 for adults

  • $5 for kids 8 to 17

  •  under 8 not recommended

  • cabin renters -- FREE -- with rental of any one of our cabins (up to max. capacity of your cabin)

  • campers -- FREE -- with overnight campsite rental (up to 4 guests)

The History of the Trail
Hear the tale of the 12 missing children who vanished from camp one summer afternoon while hiking on this very trail.
After weeks of searching, all that was found was 12 pairs of shoes.
And on full moon nights, those very shoes have been known to show up on cabin porches throughout this 1950's era camp that once lay abandoned for some years.
And during the bewitched month of October, those shoes and those very children have been seen wandering the trail itself.
And on that trail, they say images of the shattered remnants of now twisted memories from the children's summer camp still linger.
The circus clowns that made them giggle during summer shows.
The baby dolls and stuffed animals that they so loved.
And the haunting scenes from horror movies that they loved to watch on the big screen during movie nights still plague the trail from shattered memories.
What to Expect!
Have your hiking shoes on and prepare for a long trek through a haunted forest!  Mildly rigorous hiking required.
Walk past haunted cabins along the way
  • Live ghouls may jump out from anywhere!
Ghostly lighting along the trail
  • Scenes of horror every step of the way
Sometimes the childrens shoes will appear on the trail
  • ​Sometimes baby dolls and other children's toys appear
The children loved circus clowns so much, that they keep some around for giggles​
  • Scenes of nightmares are all that remain now from that dreadful summer day so long ago
Ghouls lurk in the forest, and behind trees
  • Be sure not to stray off the trail as you may awaken the children!
Artificial lighting such as flashlights and cellphone lights disturb the children and make them crazy!
More to come!

Good to Know

At our Dining Hall Gathering Place from 5pm - 11pm

There will be food vending (caterer) with Lost Mountain BBQ & sides for sale

 Pumpkin carving station ($3 pumpkins to purchase)

DJ in the Dining Hall

and ticket sales for the Trail of Terror Haunted Trail Hike

-- So bring the whole family -- fun for everybody of all ages! --

  • All attendees of the trail of horrors will be required to sign a waiver of liability and indemnity for Buffalo Gap Retreat when they purchase their tickets.

  • The trail of terror is not handicap friendly.

  • The trail is mildly rigorous although the pace will be relaxed.

  • Family not walking the trail can enjoy activities and fun at the lakeview dining hall.

  • You will be guided by a trail lead and rear guide who will tell you the folklore of the missing children and their legacy on the trail of terror.

  • We are not responsible for accidents

  • Enter at your own risk

  • Strobe lights in use.

  • Ages 8 and up.

  • You may bring a flashlight if you like, but it is not necessary.

  • Parking will be directed.

  • Meet at the blue lakeview dining hall to buy a ticket and que up for the hike.

  • Small groups will be taken by trail guides -- one in front, one behind.  Groups of 12 to 15 ideal.

  • Images used in this first year for social media and website for the Trail of Terror are from google image searches and not necessarily identical to scenes on our trails, but expect similar and more frightful! 


contact Vince at 703-328-1840 /


use google maps to

229 Cool Creek Rd. Capon Bridge, WV 26711 -- Buffalo Gap Retreat

park in Event Parking and walk to the blue lakeview dining hall to purchase tickets

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